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My life is a collection of roles, interests and hobbies, even my job requires me to wear many hats on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that when I created my site, I chose not to focus on just one thing. Below are some of the main things I think you should know about me.

Darren’s Wife, and Theodore’s Mummy

These two gorgeous boys are the loves of my life:

Darren and Teddy


Darren and I met at work, he also blogs here, mainly about the technical projects he works on as he’s a software engineer. Our little man Teddy came along in 2013 and it’s been a marvel watching him develop. When we’re not working or at nursery we like to spend time outdoors, and living on the Dorset coast, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding fun places to visit. We also like to listen to music, dance and chill out to some Peppa Pig, and animated films. Teddy has also recently started to take more of an interest in (or has more of a tolerance for) baking and craft.

A Crafter

I enjoy crochet, sewing and paper-cutting and love making handmade gifts. I created a lot of the decorations for our wedding, including the crocheted bouquets and button-holes.

An Upcycling Wannabe

I’ve completed a number of upcycling projects so far, my favourite being our bedside tables, but I’m definitely still learning.

In love with travel, photography, music and cinema

I use this site to document my travels, music I’m into and the films I’ve seen. I’ve been learning to use the manual mode of my DSLR for years, and I’m as stubborn as a mule so I wont be happy until I’ve nailed it.

A Remote Worker

The company I work for is Head-quartered in the US, my team are based in the US and India, and until March 2014, I worked in our London office. Once Teddy came along, the London commute became intolerable and we looked to move to my home town of Poole in Dorset. When Darren found a new job in Bournemouth we jumped at the chance to move and I have been lucky enough to continue in the same role from my home office. Remote working, and remote management is a challenge, which I write about from time to time.

In case you are wondering why we decided to make the move, this is a photo of Bournemouth taken in April this year on a camera phone – no photoshop, no filters.



A tech-industry employee

I’m a Business Analyst and Project Manager focusing on the development of enterprise learning applications for a financial software company. I love finding and implementing solutions that improve my colleagues’ day-to-day  work, especially if they require some sort of innovation, whether that’s technological, or procedural.

What do you think?

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