Christmas Baking: Animal Mince Pies

Yesterday I decided to find out if ready rolled puff pastry + mincemeat + animal shape cookie cutters = animal puff pastry mince pies. Happily, the answer is yes, and they were yummy!

I love a bit of Christmas baking, and so I tend to stock up on mincemeat when it’s cheap in the supermarkets after New Year has passed. I used Aldi ready rolled puff pastry and from one pack I was able to cut several birds and hedgehogs, a moose and a couple of bears.



Lumia 1020-20141115-143725



Next, I put the mincemeat in:


iPhone 5-20141115-145217

and pressed around the edges to seal.


iPhone 5-20141115-145346


Despite my best efforts, the pastry was difficult to seal, thanks to the necks, legs and the hedgehog spines, but I finally got there:


iPhone 5-20141115-150713


and around 20 minutes later, they were ready, if slightly caught in places:


iPhone 5-20141115-153954


Which inspired a sitting room picnic. They went superbly with a nice cup of tea:

Lumia 1020-20141115-160102


What do you think?

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