A “freestyle” crochet bowl/basket

Tonight, I reached into my yarn basket, pulled out the first ball I laid hands on and started crocheting. It turned out to be Paton’s Fab Big yarn in Cream. It’s a super chunky yarn (the same as I used to make my cowl) so I grabbed my 9mm hook.

I wasn’t really sure what to make, and so thought I’d have a go at Freestyle crochet. I’d love to write my own patterns, and saw some advice recently that a good place to start in understanding how stitches work is to just do the stitches you feel like and see where they take you. I actually chickened out though, and thought instead that I’d try and create a crochet bowl or basket.

This is what I did *us terms*:

Chain 2,

  • Row 1:     In 2nd chain from hook 12dc (12)
  • Row 2:     Ch2, 2dc in each dc of row 1 (24)
  • Row 3:     Ch2, 2dc in each dc of row 2 (48)
  • Row 4:     Ch2, hdc in the back loop only of each dc of row 3 (48)
  • Row 5:     Ch2, hdc in each hdc of row 4
  • Row 6:     Ch2, 10hdc, 2hdctog, 10hdc, 2hdctog,10hdc, 2hdctog, 10hdc,2hdctog (44)
  • Row 7:     Ch2, hdc in each hdc of row 6
  • Row 8:     Ch2, hdc in each hdc of row 7
  • Row 9:     Ch2, hdc in each hdc of row 8
  • Row 10:   Ch1, slip stitch in each hdc of row 9


First some pics, then I’ll explain what I’d do differently next time:

DSC_0129 DSC_0130  DSC_0139 DSC_0127



Overall I’m pretty happy with the result, especially since I made it up as I went. I have a functional basket, which will hold nic-nacs, my current yarn project and so on. It was incredibly quick to work up, and so I can’t really complain. I think if I did it again, which I definitely will, I’d want to try having less increases in row 3 – doubling the number of stitches seemed a little too much. I’d probably also want to give a different stitch pattern a go, I think a single crochet would give a sturdier result, but would take longer to work up, whereas something like a puff stitch, cluster or shell stitch would look prettier.



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