A Neon Blanket

Back in February of 2012, I embarked on my first big crochet project – a blanket of simple granny squares. I had never crocheted a granny square before but fell in love with the speedy sense of achievement I felt as each square was completed. I chose Red Heart yarn in neon colours because, well, that’s what I gravitate towards:




About a week later, I finished creating the 25 squares, and started to use a self-striping yarn to create borders and join the squares:



And then added 5 border rounds in the colours of the squares. All I had left to do was weave in the ends, but I fell out of love with it, and it remained a UFO until after Teddy was born.


We decided that the blanket would look fun in Teddy’s nursery, but as well as being unhappy with the self striping yarn joining the squares, I could now see all the beginner errors I had made when joining and decided to rip it apart back into the original stack of squares and rejoined with royal blue yarn:


and I finally got around to dealing with all of those ends:

NIKON D3000-20130330-144745


I’m so much happier with it now, and Theodore seems to be a fan!


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