A Pink and Purple Granny-Square Sampler Blanket

Having created simple granny squares for my neon blanket I decided that my next blanket would be made of softer yarn (I loved the neon colours, but Red Heart Saver yarn is a wee bit too rough for me), and be a sampler of lots of different squares. I created 20+ squares:

and then left them sitting around for almost 2 years after becoming dumbfounded at the varying numbers of stitches in their outer rounds when I started to join them.

Once I’d worked out that I just needed to add an extra round of loops created with single crochets and chains so that I had even numbers to work with for each square, life became a lot easier.

iPhone 5-20140131-103242


I looked for a decorative way to join my squares and settled on a flat braid, as found here:

iPhone 5-20140223-124632

and finally, I added a clover edging:



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