A teddy for Teddy

Yesterday, I was suffering from sinus pain, so to cheer myself up, I thought I’d make a colourful toy for Theodore. I’m trying to use up the yarn I got free with Lets Get Crafting – Knitting and Crochet, when I subscribed, so I had plenty of colours to choose from. I chose this pattern – a teddy for my Teddy 😀


I started crocheting the head around lunch time on Sunday, and worked on the body as the little man himself had a kip on my knee.


The pattern was really quick to work up and by the end of Sunday, I had completed the head and ears, body, muzzle, and both legs (although legs weren’t attached)

Ted-Ted seemed happy enough to play with the Teddy even at that stage,


and as he was swirling the legs around, we made the discovery, that somehow this morning, Darren managed to dress him in the exact colours of the body and legs!



After Teddy’s bedtime, I carried on by attaching the leggies, creating and attaching the arms, and nose, and sewing the mouth.


Finally, I created crochet eyes, in lieu of the beads the pattern called for. The pattern says the toy is not intended for under threes, but now I’ve omitted the buttons and scarf, there’s absolutely no small or dangerous parts


and Teddy can play with him as soon as he finds him sat by the settee tomorrow morning – tah-dah!!!


(the other change I made was to crochet in the back loop for the whole pattern)


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