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This week I have mostly been making hats. But not just any hats, My Boshi hats! I bought some My Boshi yarn from Hobbycraft in December when there was a 25% off everything sale. I’d seen it at the awesome Knitting and Stitching Show in October, but held off buying it because of my humongous stash. I’m so glad the sale tipped me over the edge of temptation though, as I’m finding it really fun to crochet with – and really quick, I’ve finished three hats in just one week!

First up was a simple beanie from the My Boshi pattern printed in this month’s Simply Crochet magazine. To be honest it is quite a generic pattern and very simple to follow, but I mixed up the size and number of stripes and I quite like the result. It came out a little small, even though I added extra rows, but it’s wearable – which is lucky as it was made as a present for my friend Shelly.

Balls of My Boshi are quite small, just 50g of bulky yarn, but it only takes 1.5 balls to make a hat, so by the time you’ve bought a few different colours you have enough to make several hats. Of course if you’re anything like me, you wont be able to stop yourself at just 3 or 4 colours and you’ll want the whole range, which by the way, is just amazing, the colours range from neutral to vibrant to neon, so it’s very easy to get colours to fit your mood or style.

My (first) Boshi


I wanted to dress up the beanie a little, but I was on the train home when I decided to make an embellishment, so I just free-styled a little flower. I’m quite happy with how it came out.



After sewing the flower to the front, making (using the traditional cardboard ring method) and attaching a pom pom, it was ready to wrap up for Shellycat. I took a moment to get a finished shot though…

iPhone 5-20140113-195515


It’s quite snug isn’t it? Luckily I have a massive head, so Shelly shouldn’t get a headache from wearing it – the offer is out for me to rectify it if it is tight though!

On to the next hat, and it was motivated by the need for another present. We are going to Henry’s first birthday party this weekend, and I generally have trouble deciding what to buy babies (with the exception of Teddy!) so I decided that a stylish little Boshi would be a nice gift. This time I followed the pattern in the My Boshi crochet book (I haven’t been able to find English versions of the full pattern books in shops near me, so I’ve had to make do with the 3 pattern introduction available in Hobbycraft). The pattern was for adults though, so although it started out as their pattern, it ended up pretty much my own – especially after I decided on a whim to add the ribbing to the bottom. I love the combination of colours, and after using the smallest circle loom I own to make it, I’m really really happy with the extra large pom pom!



After making the hats for gifting, I got a bit jealous and decided to make one for myself. As I’ve already said, I have a big head, so even though I followed another one of the patterns in the My Boshi book, I further increased the stitch count. Also, after running out of white yarn on the train, I had to stop after 3 rows and so I’ve got 5 stripes instead of the four seen in the pattern.




I love how clean and neat my stitches look – especially when you consider that I stopped and started as opposed to making it all in one go, and that I hooked most of the three hats during my commute to work on the train.


I would thoroughly recommend giving My Boshi a go but be aware that even though they have written a number of pattern books, apart from the first they are only available in German, and none can be bought as an ebook. In addition, I’ve not found any individual patterns available for download, which is a shame. Ultimately though, it’s a bulky yarn, so should work with any bulky yarn pattern – I hope so anyway as I’m about to start my next project – a bag!



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  1. Bibbi Jennings says: Reply

    Yes, hv just purchased Boshi 1.0 from local craft store here in NZ … They flew out the door, but managed to find one hidden 3 back behind cple of embroidery pattern books … Whew!!! I very excited ’bout starting my first Boshi for my daughter and thinking on the “Okinawa” Headband for her outdoorsy Hubby … Your Boshis look great … Arohanui from Bibbi

  2. Love them! How many stitches did you use for 1 round? Cause which size needle i take even 7 or 8mm it still will be to small

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