My New Year Plan – A Motivation Blanket

Last year @frofunky hosted the wonderful #moodblanket2014 CAL (crochet-along) and I was excited to join in, but several illnesses and a house-move later I lost my crocheting mojo and that was that. I’ve been thinking of starting another mood blanket on January 1st 2015, but the one thing that occurs to me is that my blanket ended up very blue (for ill) and red (for stressed or tired), so I’d like to do something a little more positive, which is where the motivation blanket comes in…

I need to lose weight. I’ve tried so many times and tend not to use New Year as a fresh start,  but if Teddy is every going to have a little brother or sister then this must be done and using the over-stuffed post-Christmas bleugh as motivation to start seems like as good a plan as any right now. I am signed up to Weight Watchers and their program works very well when I follow it, so I will be restarting that.

On to the Blanket…

I will be creating a blanket day by day (pattern and colours to be determined over the next 48 hours) and the colours I use will represent my achievements, which could be:

1) Kept to my WW points allowance for the day

2) Tracked my food and exercise for the day

3) Kept to my WW points allowance for the week

4) Exercised for at least 15 minutes

5) Exercised for at least 30 minutes

6) Exercised for at least 60 minutes

7) Tried out a new points-calculated recipe

8) Got an early night

9) Drank plenty of water

The base colour for days when I haven’t achieved will match the border. I will not have any colours for “fell off the wagon” or “sat on my bum all day”.

I will be blogging about the process and my (fingers-crossed) success, and posting pictures on social media using #motivationblanket2015

If you knit, sew or crochet and think the motivation blanket might work for you I’d love to see your progress – why not join me?




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