My Wedding Bouquet and Flowers – 1: Inspiration and Starting Out

I didn’t dream of what my wedding would be like when I was a little girl. All that nonsense in romantic comedies where the “heroine” finally gets to fulfil her life’s ambition and have the big white wedding of her dreams makes me a bit sad for womankind. I love the fact we’re getting married, but could quite happily elope, however that horse has bolted, so here I am, planning a big old do!
Because I hate the fact that anything with “Wedding” in the name is twice the price of the equivalent product for any other occasion, and mainly for the reason that I love anything crafty, I’m attempting to make a lot of the bits and bobs myself. Almost as soon as Darren popped the question, I knew that I wanted to have a crocheted bouquet – firstly because they look amazing, and secondly because I hate the thought of our wedding flowers dying. The venue provides the flowers for the ceremony so I’m aiming to create my bouquet, bouquets for my two bridesmaids and buttonholes and corsages for the rest of the wedding party.
You would have thought, since I crochet a lot for fun, that I might be further along in the project by this point, but no – I’m right at the beginning and have approximately 60 – 70 flowers left to crochet.
The bouquets will be created using polysyrene balls (mine is 25cm, the two bridesmaids are 15cm) with the finished flowers pinned to them using pearl topped dress-making pins. I’ve also bought some deep red and “snow-covered” berries to intermingle with the flowers, which will be a mix of cream, sparkly-white and deep red.
I took a long train journey today as an opportunity to get started with a couple of roses. Here’s the first – I’m quite happy with it.
Crochet Rose

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