Our Handmade Wedding

Whether or not to make the various elements of our wedding wasn’t a question in our house – I was sure from the moment we got engaged that we would. As well as enjoying crafty endeavours, we really wanted to reduce the amount of thrown away or hired elements used at our wedding.

In the end we left it all a bit last minute, I hadn’t properly appreciated the impact having a baby, working full time, and preparing for Christmas (only 10 days before the wedding) would have on our time, and everything ended up rushed. Our theme was “Fire and Ice”, which came about after I changed my mind about the theme, moving away from “Tropical” after seeing this on Pinterest. We had already bought these dresses for the bridesmaids so decided that we could combine deep reds and icy blues and whites for a “Fire and Ice” theme

Now we have the pictures back from our photographer – the very talented, kind and professional Michael Jackson – I can show you how everything turned out.


1. The reception room:

If we had been able to allocate more money to the table decorations, I would have used more red by hiring red napkins and table runners – I considered making them myself but in the end time, and the fact that the venue would fold theirs for us meant we went with white sailboats. The venues main room is so lovely that I’m not sure we could have gone too far wrong – I was certainly very happy with it on the day.


01-Laura & Darren - 0119


2. Buttonholes and Bouquets

Along with my mum, I crocheted all the flowers for my bouquet and the buttonholes for close family and bestman/usher. We went with red and cream for me and Darren, and then the bridesmaids and everyone else had white/silver/pale blue. I sadly don’t have any pictures of the bridesmaids bouquets, hopefully I can get one soon and post it. Darren’s buttonhole was enhanced with some berries that I bought from Hobbycraft – which they were selling before Christmas for wreath making.



My bouquet had 12 flowers, more of the same berries and some other cream and pearly pins (again, all from Hobbycraft). I bought books, scoured Ravelry and tried out lots of different flower patterns, so although many of the flowers are using this pattern (or variations on it), there are several other types in there. To put it together, I used green floristry wire, an oasis foam “Wedding Bell” and a lace bouquet holder. It involved a lot of pinning (using pearl ended dressmaking pins) and some stiches, but it was really sturdy. We gave it to Darren’s Nan, she and her husband were married 54 years before he passed away at the end of 2013. I’m so glad I pursued the crochet bouquet idea and that it will hopefully give her a smile from time to time.

06-Laura & Darren - 0120

05-Laura & Darren - 0116


02-Laura & Darren - 0149



3. Table Plan

I used Serif Craft Artist 2 to design the lists and printed out on white card. I then cut out two different pieces of red card to mount each table list – I used two different shades of red (more obvious in the second picture below) and had a 1/4 inch difference in size all around between the white card and each red card. I used a tape runner to stick the cards together and to the A2 board which, by the way, is Vintage White – I had such an enlightening time selecting the correct colour of white card to form the basis for the table plan! Finally, I decorated each table list with one large and one small red paper flower and attached the Table Plan vinyl lettering. I was planning to draw the lettering on, but the sticker was only 49p in the January sales so I saved myself the time.

07-Laura & Darren - 0008


08-Laura & Darren - 0009


4. Centrepieces

Our centrepieces were composed of  (all from The Range) 1 gold charger plate, a stone candle holder, a red tealight holder, an electric tealight (no candles allowed!), plastic ivy wrapped around the candle holder and a gold frame containing the table name. I also scattered gold coins around to increase the amount of gold on the table.

17-Laura & Darren - 0236

1-Laura & Darren - 0103


5. Favours/Placenames

I bought ready made little voile bags, filled with 2 Lindt Lindor balls (one red for fire, one blue for ice) and tied it up, attaching a name label at the same time. I hand wrote everyone’s names in my best cursive style, and attached a cute little deep red heart to finish them off.


15-Laura & Darren - 0115



6. Cakes

This is perhaps the strangest element of our homemade wedding; we admitedly didn’t make the cake – we bought two different sizes of celebration cake from Sainsburys (Large and Extra Large). I had visions of a gingerbread house, perched on the top of a hill with snow covered trees and a penguin family sat outside, but once again, time was an issue, so I decorated the gingerbread house and put it on top of the cake! Darren made the fondant penguins, which I think looked superb!

11-Laura & Darren - 0123

12-Laura & Darren - 0125

We did however make cupcakes, and 120 of them! We made three different flavours, all from the Hummingbird Bakery’s books. The ones above are Salted Caramel

These are Candy Cane (to be honest, they’re probably just peppermint – we went with soft pink icing instead of piping red and white in a swirl)

13-Laura & Darren - 0126

And these are Key Lime Pie – chosen because Darren and I pretty much fell in love in Key West, Florida. The topping looks messy but it was really really nice – custard with crumbled gingernut/digestives and a little lime zest.

14-Laura & Darren - 0128


7. Photo booth

We were going to get a professional company to do this, but we re-budgeted to allow more money for our photographer (best decision of the whole thing) and so we created our own informal photobooth. We bought a polaroid camara, lots and lots of film, and a lot of inexpensive dress up items.

20-DSC05707 21-DSC_0144


My sister had a full photobooth at her wedding, and that was fantastic, but the one benefit we had was that the props were available to play with and dance with!

19-DSC05786 18-DSC05768

We also have a very healthy dressing up box now, which Teddy has already discovered!






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