Birthday Card for Ben

We’re going to a friend’s son’s second birthday party tomorrow, so I wanted to make a card that he’ll like. When I was there the other day, he was watching Peppa Pig, so that was my inspiration. 05-20130727-IMG_1447

I bought a comic which included some pictures, and cut out a picture of the family. I matted this with some patterned green paper, and then stuck it to the patterned background using foam pads.

For the “Ben” part, I cut out hand drawn letters from more patterned green paper. I had stupidly not waited to see how much room I needed before attaching the family picture, so I didn’t have enough room to add the name without squashing the letters together, but it was a happy accident I think, as the name looks quite nice like that. I also added some black pen stitches to give definition.

I hope Ben likes it!

What do you think?

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