First Attempts

Having decided to make our wedding invitations by hand, we went out to Hobbycraft to pick up some supplies. In hindsight, I should have watched A LOT more you tube videos before I really understood what supplies we needed, but nevertheless supplies we bought, and when we got home, I started playing. Here are my first attempts:

1. “Let’s just die cut and emboss stuff”


There was no planning behind this card – I bought the Sizzix Big Shot die cutting and embossing machine, and just played around with the enclosed dies, and embossing folder. I’m really happy with the results in terms with how easy it was to get crisp cuts and deep embossing, but obviously the actual card leaves a lot to be desired!

2. “More adventures in die cutting”


Because we travelled back and forth over the Atlantic during the first 9 months of our relationship, Darren and I thought it would be nice to include a travel theme on our invitations. We bought this die from Xcut, and I was excited to try it out – I think it looks lovely, so I’ll definitely be making use of it in the future. By this point I had also worked out that you need to do some layering in order for your cards to look professional, so even though there was no planning involved in this card, and the embossing doesn’t match the die, I feel like there’s improvement from my very first attempt.

3. “Wedding Invitation No 1”


After completing card number one, I decided that I really like the butterfly. Butterflies have no relevance to our relationship, but they’re pretty enough, and without having a concrete theme for the wedding at this point, it seems a good idea to try and make the invitations pretty, and to use colours we like. So orange and blue, being complementary colours, are the choice we’re going with. This card is Centura Pearl and is a similar colour to the bridesmaids dresses. I like the way that the embossing works to give a worn look but in the end we decided not to use it as when I folded it, the crease line was very obvious, and looked torn. For the embossed square in the centre, I added ink to the embossing folder before running some white Centura Pearl card through the Big Shot. I love this result, especially since it’s a chevron pattern. I also tried adding an extra pop of colour using the green ribbon, but actually I think the green is a colour too far.

4: “Wedding Invitation Number 2”

I made my next attempt after watching some YouTube videos on card making. I learned about Matting and Layering, and card folding amongst other techniques, and thought I’d try to make something a little more planned.


In order to create handles for the gatefold card, I cut a piece of card to 15 x 5 inches. I folded it into 3, and then folded the outer two squares in half again. I then passed the far left and far right 1/6s through the Big Shot using a flower die, making sure that only the 1/6 of the card that I wanted to cut was in between the cutting plates – the rest of the card lay outside so that it would not be cut. I then cut down the fold to leave only the half flower.




This was a step in the right direction, but 5 x 5 is too small to fit all the information we want to include, and the process of creating the card is too time consuming to create 70 invitations. Find out how our invitations ended up here.

What do you think?

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