Waving across the Atlantic

I worked in the US for a while and made friends there – a couple of these friends have babies very close in age to Theodore – one was actually born on the same day.

Today while we were in Tesco, we found some union jack dribble bibs. I wanted one for Teddy, and thought it would be nice to send one each to Mason and Addie. So I made some cards to go with them. I wanted to include a picture of Teddy wearing his. Here’s my first attempt:


This took a considerable amount of effort not only to cut the 5 x 7 inch picture down so it fit on the card and traced his outline, but also to then make the matting the same shape. I ended up adding black pen to give depth, which looks OK, but I’m not sure I should have done it. I also don’t think bright blue was a good choice of backing colour. Ah well, this one’s all about the sentiment behind it, so I’ll still be sending it on.

Here’s my second go:


I’m much happier with this one – The black and yellow really work well together and I think I’ll be using this layout as a template in future. The little lion, stamped in bronze on yellow card looks adorable, and Teddy’s face and bib are clearly displayed. The picture also looks much better as  a rectangle.


Here’s a comparison of the two side by side:


The pictures are identical, but the yellow card makes Teddy pop out and it actually looks like a bigger picture of him. I’m really pleased I decided to change direction with the second card.

I hope the babies like their dribble bibs!


What do you think?

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