Wedding Congratulations

After the success of my “Welcome Baby” card I wanted to see if I could put layering and colour coordination into practice for a different theme. I also wanted to try making a pop up card, and embossing patterned paper. The result is somewhat less exciting than I’d hoped, but I think it’s nice, and I will certainly be using it. 06-20130724-IMG_1323


The central ivory band is placed there because there’s a hole in the card where I’ve made the pop-up element. I used ivory card as I didn’t have enough of any other colour that exactly matched the colours in the flowery pattern. I embossed the flowery paper and I have to say I love the result. I wouldn’t use it every time, but I like that it adds some texture to the card. The blue squiggle was created using a Sissix Bigz die.

Incidentally, I love the pop up, which I made very simply by reversing the layering of the ivory and patterned cards, and stamping a wedding cake with aqua ink. 07-20130724-IMG_1324

What do you think?

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