30 Days Wild: Introduction and Day 1

What is 30 Days Wild?

Make room for nature this June – no matter where you are or how busy your life. As part of  their My Wild Life campaign, The Wildlife Trusts are asking people to sign up to do something wild every day for a month throughout June, and make nature part of their lives.
30 days wild


Register to join in and The Wildlife Trust will send you a digital welcome pack, complete with information booklet full of ideas on the activities you could get up to during June.

Thinking of something different to do each day is a big part of the challenge, but the campaign’s website has 101 ideas, as well as a page showing what people have been getting up to on the #30dayswild twitter feed, and links to bloggers that are journalling their #RandomActsOfWildness.

6 things I hope to gain from 30 Days Wild

  1. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, maybe even the world, I’m looking forward to making the effort to get out and about more
  2. Most of the time we spend exploring outdoors is on the weekend, I’m looking forward to doing random acts of Wildness before or after nursery
  3. Teddy is already a fan of animals and can name what seems like a hundred, but I’d like to use the experience to teach him more about the wildlife near to our flat
  4. I will be blogging our progress throughout the 30 days, which will hopefully get me back into the swing of things blog-wise
  5. As I’ll be taking lots of photographs to share our experiences, I’m hoping to develop my photography skills
  6. I’m hoping to learn more about the specific needs of Dorset’s wildlife and how I can support them


30 Days Wild: Day 1

June definitely didn’t get off to the start we had hoped. I had planned a walk through the Chines down to the beach this evening, but as the bad weather closed in, that plan was scuppered. It’s more like November than June out there, with the rain lashing down and the wind howling so we made do with a preparation task – purchasing some seeds to grow in planters on our balcony.

I did some research into which types of flowers would attract bees and butterflies (I’ve seen bees up here on the 5th floor before, but not butterflies – I wonder if we can attract them?) and we were going to visit the garden centre, but as luck would have it, our local supermarket had packets of seeds for flowers that attract bees and butterflies:


They all say they need planting in May at the latest, and I know Nature is wonderful and complex, but surely the seeds wont know if we plant them on 2nd June?

Teddy seemed very happy at the prospect of growing flowers and also at the fun noise seed-packets make, it’ll be interesting to see whether his interest is maintained waiting for the flowers to grow.

30 days wild - buying seeds

The next task is to buy some pots and soil to house them, so I’ll get on that tomorrow. We already have a massive pot of Rosemary and Mint out on the balcony, and I’d like to create a little herb garden by adding some Lavender and Thyme, which I’ve read attract wildlife.

When we arrived home from the supermarket, Teddy decided to have a few moments chilling out in the flats’ communal gardens. It’s at times like this that I wish we lived in a house with a garden.

teddy chilling

What do you think?

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