30 Days Wild: Day 2- Saving a Life & Random Lilies

Day 2 of our 30 Days Wild adventure started with an unexpected #RandomActOfWildness – we saved a life! Just after dropping Teddy at nursery, a spider loomed into view on the windscreen. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that neither Darren or I are terribly keen on creepy crawlies of the eight-legged variety; our normal reaction would have been to get rid of it, caring more about whether it was still in the car than if it was still alive. Today however, spidey was left alone and ran off into a dark corner of the car. We have definitely not thought about him since, and are definitely not wondering where he might be, nope, not at all!

Driving home, I spotted what I thought were giant lilies growing randomly on the side of the road. I decided to go and take a look after work, and in the process spent half an hour discovering nature close to our home.

30 Days Wild - My Street

I adore where we live; our block of flats might be on a main road, but the road is wide, and lined with trees and rhododendron bushes. This photo was taken during rush hour while cars bustled past, but I love that you’d have no idea because the scenery is so lush:






30 Days Wild: RhododendronsThere weren’t many flowers on the Rhododendrons along the stretch I walked, but nevertheless I enjoyed the pops of colour as they came:


 This road is our route to the beach, so we’ve walked along this stretch on countless occasions. This afternoon was different though – I paid full attention to my surroundings and so it was actually walking down there for the first time.




As I approached the place where I thought I had seen the lilies, I was happy to see that I hadn’t been daydreaming – they were definitely there. Can you see them?

30 Days Wild: Lilies from Afar

30 Days Wild: Lilies CloserI wonder how they got there?  They’re beautiful, but seem totally random and somewhat out of place even though they’re massive and obviously flourishing.










30 Days Wild: Lilies Close UpI went in for a close up so that I could try and identify them when I got back to my PC, and rather fittingly spotted a little spider 🙂

Since being back I’ve managed to identify them as Zantedeschia aethiopica, also known as calla lily or arum lily. My feeling that they are out of place has been somewhat justified by reading that they are native to Southern Africa. Presumably someone planted them on purpose – an unwanted garden plant? Or a seedbomb? I guess it doesn’t really matter how they got there but I am quite curious…





What is 30 Days Wild?


Eleanor Church 20Make room for nature this June!

A Random Act of Wildness is any thing that you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or if you lose yourself completely, a few hours! To get involved or to find out more about the 30 Days Wild campaign, visit The Wildlife Trust’s website


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