30 Days Wild: Day 3 – Our Balcony

When we are in our flat, it feels like we are in a tree house. Our views are of trees stretching out into the distance, which creates a lovely tranquil atmosphere. Well, as tranquil as you can get with a two year old running around!

Our balcony is fairly large, but unloved and although we get the occasional bee up here, I’d love to see if we can attract some more wildlife. On day one of our 30 Day Wild adventure, we bought some seeds that should grow into flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Before nursery this morning, Teddy and I started to plant some of the seeds and this lunchtime I left my desk to finish the job.

So to give you an idea, here’s our balcony; it’s far from a wildlife haven at the moment! But the views are just so green and lush! I have almost-daily thoughts about laying some fake turf and covering the glass with bamboo or similar to make it more inviting. To start with though, we definitely need plants:

30 Days Wild Day 2 Our Balcony

30 Days Wild Day 2 Our Balcony looking out






The balcony was looking a bit sad this morning, lots of things that have been left out in the rain and empty indoor plant pots, so we decided to start the seeds off in these small plant pots, with the indoor plant soil we happen to already have, and then once the seedlings appear, transfer them to bigger planters. Teddy and I got started before he went to nursery. It’s worth mentioning that the tiny watering can in the pictures is the only one we currently own – looks like Teddy will be watering the seed pots then!

30 Days Wild Day 2 Our Balcony looking sad                 30 Days Wild Day 2 Our Balcony Teddy and Seeds






30 Days Wild Day 3 Seeds OpenedAt lunch time I carried on with the planting. I was quite surprised by the shape of the marigold seeds – they look like fossilised worms! During the planting process I found out we do have some wildlife up here as a centipede or millipede (I didn’t count!) scuttled out and away from one of the pots.

The packets said to spread the seeds lightly. I have no idea what this means having avoided gardening since outdoor lessons in middle school.








30 Days Wild Day 3 - Seeds Planted on our BalconyWe planted the Kid’s butterfly mix in the orange and small blue pots, the cottage garden mix in the bigger blue pot (there were hardly any seeds in that pack) and the marigolds went into the big stainless steel pot, and the pink and yellow pots. I’m really looking forward to seeing whether anything grows. I also can’t wait for Teddy to see what happens.


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