30 Days Wild: Day 4 – Beach Fun

30 days wild

This post is my daily update for day 4 of our 30 Days Wild Adventure.

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trust’s campaign to get people exploring the natural world around them this June. Find out more on the campaign website



I am totally guilty of harping on about it, but I really love where we live. Especially the proximity to one of the best beaches in the UK. The stretch of coast line from Sandbanks in Poole to Hengistbury Head in Christchurch is about 7 miles long and many of the individual beaches have been awarded blue flag status. We frequently walk to our local beach, Branksome Chine after work, and normally we have a good old play on the sand and head home:

30 Days Wild Day 4 Play at the Beach

But we’ve opted in to enjoying 30 Days of exploring nature and wildlife around us, so on our latest visit, we paid more attention to our surroundings.

We collected empty shells, and made letters in the sand with them. I was thinking I’d leave the 30 Days Wild pattern for someone else to find, but this wasn’t to be, as Teddy had far too much fun messing it up!

30 Days Wild Day 4 Fun at the Beach

We had a great time collecting the shells – some were still inhabited, so we obviously left those alone. There were some really interesting ones though, I haven’t been able to identify this one that actually looks like a collection of shells with a jellyfish in it. Answers on a postcard!30 Days Wild Day 4 Inhabited Shells

It was nice to explain to Teddy about the shells being animal houses when we found good examples, there were plenty of mussel, whelk, cockle and wedge shells around:

30 Days Wild Day 4 Mussel Shells

Teddy also took a moment to contemplate the enormity of the sea (or at least that’s what I like to think he was doing here!)

30 Days Wild Day 4 Contemplating the Sea

On our way home, we stopped to admire some Rhododendron flowers and along came a bee! We followed him for a while as he danced around the flowers, and after a while Teddy became curious. We tried to explain what the bee was doing, but between me trying to simplify it, and Darren being an engineer and explaining exactly what was going on, we lost his interest. New challenge for June – find a way to explain pollination to a 2 year old?
30 Days Wild Day 4 - WaggleDance

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