30 Days Wild: Day 5 – More Beach fun

On the 5th day of our 30 Days Wild adventure, we enjoyed an after work barbecue with Darren’s colleagues on the beach at Toft zigzag, close to Boscombe.  The weather was changeable and even changed drastically between leaving home and getting to the beach, but it was dry and therefore good enough for a couple of hours enjoying the outdoors.

Teddy was in his element. We built sand mountains, which he then climbed onto and shouted “I’m the king of the castle” before throwing himself down and rolling down the side of the “mountain”. We enjoyed squishing our toes in the sand, and he enjoyed a post-dinner paddling session.

30 Days Wild Day 5 Beach Fun

Since hearing about 30 Days Wild, I’ve been so much more aware of my surroundings and since I was invited as “wife and family” I was able to spend some time just contemplating the scene. The panoramic view from the Isle of Wight to the East to Old Harry Rocks in the west was crystal clear making it even easier to live in the moment for a few minutes, which to me at least is a more enjoyable way to spend a Friday night than being jostled around in a crowded bar.

About 30 Days Wild

30 days wild logo30 Days Wild is an initiative by The Wildlife Trust, which calls on people to let the Wild into their lives every day during June. The website is full of ideas on how you can do this, so take a look!

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