30 Days Wild: Day 7 – Kingston Lacy Flowers

In our house, we are comparatively lucky because our two year old generally sleeps until 8:30 AM. However this morning 8:30 AM hurt, after our long day yesterday ending when we arrived home from our road trip at 1:00 AM.

Sleep doesn’t come easily to me during the day any more. I’m not sure when cat naps went out the window, but even after a couple of hours of laying on the sofa, I was still awake with sore eyes and no energy. It looked as if today would be wasted but then Darren saved the day by reminding me that we had agreed to spend the day outdoors. The weather was beautiful so as soon as Teddy finished napping, we quickly decided that we would head over to Kingston Lacy near Wimborne for some distraction from the tiredness.

Everything about Kingston Lacy is beautiful. The outdoors are split into two areas in a turn-left-turn-right kind of a way; the gardens and the Woodland Walk. We opted for the gardens, and so didn’t visit the house today or the Woodland Walk today, but we will definitely head back over there soon to turn right and explore the woodland.

I’m not going to lie, we were tired, so our first port of call was the tea shop for afternoon tea. The scones didn’t disappoint!










These were the first flowers we saw as we entered the gardens, They are Allium alfatunense, or Ornamental garlic and the latest addition to my “if I had a garden I would plant…” list. There were masses of really huge bumblebees around them, moving rapidly between flowers – too rapidly to get a good shot but I would say that some of them were at least 2cm long.














While I was playing around with my camera’s macro mode, trying to get a picture of a bee, I managed to shoot this close up of the Ornamental garlic and I love it!











I adore yellow roses – they are definitely my preference over pink or red and in the afternoon sun they looked glorious.














We went to the Kitchen garden, thinking that we would find lots of herbs. It wasn’t what we thought it would be, but there was a lovely fountain in the middle, and Teddy was very interested in the moss covering it.











The light at the centre of the Kitchen Garden was stunning – the plants seemed to glow










I took some time to try out the Macro mode on the camera, and love how this Iris Sibirica, or Papillon came out.










More experimenting…














And getting in even closer, I fell in love (again) with the camera!


















I saw this bench under a lovely old tree, and thought it might make a nice place to stop and enjoy the surroundings.





















I wasn’t wrong, check out this view, so beautiful!











I was given space to enjoy the view, while Darren and Theodore played “hide and seek”. Massive old trees make great hiding places 🙂











I’m unsure as to whether the flowers would be this beautiful at other times of the year, but there were so many different flowers, plants and trees in bloom and with such vibrant colours, that I would definitely recommend visiting in early June.


















As if he’d had a read of the 101 ideas page on the 30 Days Wild site, Teddy laid down on the ground and declared that he could see a doggy, and a fox in the sky.











The clouds were particularly good for shape comparisons today and we had fun seeing what else we could spot.











This is the last photo I took before the camera lost power – I’m not entirely sure what I think of it but I think I quite like it?


















We left with a smile on our faces, we went today because we felt that we should do something wild, but spending the afternoon outdoors was exactly what we needed!

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