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I’ve been meaning to publish this post for a while – after all, we have been using Cheeky Wipes for over 4 months now. You’re probably thinking this will be a positive review, seeing as we have used them for so long, and you’d be right! We absolutely love them, and Darren has said on numerous occasions that they are one of the best things we have bought for Theodore.

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Overall Comments

We first encountered Cheeky Wipes at the Baby Show in October 2012 when we saw them demonstrated – I ordered them in time for Theodore’s birth in March 2013. The website is excellent; it’s full of exactly the right information, and demonstration videos (you should definitely check out the “what about poo” video) and the shopping and delivery experience was faultless.

Theodore will be weaning soon, so we’ll definitely be buying some of the Microfibre Washable Wipes to use on his hands and face. Or perhaps we’ll go for the Ultimate Cotton Terry & Velour Cloth Baby Wipes, we’re not sure yet!

What you get:

We bought the All-in-one kit as we were using disposable nappies when we started using Cheeky Wipes. The kit contains two containers – one for your clean wipes and one with a mesh bag for your dirty wipes. Lavender and Chamomile oil for the clean wipes and Tea Tree and Lemon oil for the dirty ones, 25 wipes, and 2 out and about bags – again, one for clean and one for dirty wipes.

How they work:

First set up your containers – the blue one filled to the bottom line with water with a few drops of lavender and chamomile oil added, and the green one with the mesh bag attached, filled with water to the line and with a few drops of the tea tree oil added. Pile your wipes neatly and add to the blue container then turn the pile over in the water a couple of times. You now have your stack of clean wipes which you simply take out one at a time as you need them. Once you’ve finished, you add the wipe to the Green container and once the green container is full, you remove the mesh bag and throw it straight in the wash, and replace the water in the two containers. When out and about, you pop a few wipes in the blue-logo bag and once you’ve used them, you place them in the green-logo bag. When you get home, the green bag’s mesh bag comes out and goes in the wash.

What we love:

  • They do a really good job of keeping Theodore’s bottom clean – disposable wipes tend to move poo around, but these are like a dryer and quicker alternative to a bath, yes – they really are that good!
  • Once bought, they work out cheaper than disposable baby wipes
  • As they use essential oils, we feel like we are being kinder to Theodore’s skin
  • Since we wash ours with our fluffy nappies, there’s definitely less environmental impact than disposable wet wipes
  • Theodore has only had nappy rash a couple of times in four months (and funnily enough it’s when we’ve been using disposable wipes when we’ve been away from home) and it’s seemed to clear up quickly using the Cheeky Wipes along with some nappy off time.
  • Once you get the hang of them, they become second nature
  • The Mucky container keeps the smell locked in
  • The containers, essential oils and wet bags are colour coordinated so that even if you’re bleary eyed from lack of sleep it’s a doddle to see what you’re doing.

What we don’t like so much:

  • It may be because we’re not very organised, but we’ve had less success taking them out and about with us. The two mesh bags are great, but they’re just not as convenient as wet wipes for trips out. We ended up switching to disposable wipes in our nappy bag, as there were just too many times when we left the wipes in the fresh bag and they started to smell bad – and as for the dirty bag, well you don’t want to know about that! Having said that, now that Theodore is older and we have more of a clue what we’re doing as parents, it might be time to give them another go – we certainly haven’t ruled it out.
  • Darren has stated a preference for a more obvious colour combination, such as green and red or black and white, but I like the green and blue!


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  1. the colour code used to be red and green, going back 4 years…I don’t know why they changed, it was so much more obvious having the red colour for the dirty ones…

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