Our bedside tables

We needed bedside tables quite desperately when we moved into our flat, as we were using upturned cardboard boxes. Living in rented accommodation for so long has left me pretty much allergic to bland cheap furniture, but the move left us little money to buy furnishings, so I put Teddy in his pushchair and we trawled the charity shops of Boscombe in pursuit of a bargain…

I found two matching bedside cabinets for £5 each in the Barnados furniture shop.

Needle Felted Squirrel


They are made of solid wood, so they were sturdy, but the varnish was really orangey, and there was water damage to the top of one of them:


Needle Felted Squirrel-2



Overhauling them was actually quite straightforward. I used Annie Sloan and Autentico paint to cover all but the top surface, which I stripped back and fed with Linseed Oil

Stripping varnish turned out to be fascinating to watch:

Needle Felted Squirrel-5


and once the varnish had gone, the colour of the wood was much more to my taste, but it definitely needed a good drink!


Needle Felted Squirrel-8

I put several coats of Linseed Oil on, as the wood just seemed to drink it and drink it, I loved seeing how much healthier the wood became:


Needle Felted Squirrel-9

I finished the tables a good while ago now, and they help brighten up an otherwise magnolia room. They match our bed perfectly too, which is a bonus!


bedside tables-2


I’d love it if our flat was posh enough to get some lifestyle magazine style pictures of the tables in place, but the vertical blinds just kind of ruin the shot, so I gave up trying!

Darren’s side of the bed is stocked for Teddy’s morning shenanigans

bedside tables-3


What do you think?

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