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This week’s Five Minute Friday is on the topic of “Leave” So here goes…

The only things that sprung to mind when I read the word “leave” were “don’t leave me” and “maternity leave”. I’m not feeling like it’s a depressing type of a day, so I’m going to go with maternity leave. Before I started my maternity leave, I thought I would get loads done – I would be crafty every moment of the day, I would go for long walks at first as a weebl, and then after Teddy arrived, as a new mum getting back into shape via a walking and pushing a baby routine. I was wrong. My maternity leave went by and I barely made anything. I didn’t really keep the house clean, I didn’t cook, I didn’t walk. Looking back, and it’s 15 months ago now, I can’t really figure out why I did nothing with my time. I know now that I wasn’t well, and that makes me sad, but I don’t even think I watched any box sets. I literally did nothing. Except care for my new born son. Ah yes.

Five Minute Friday is a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

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  1. Maternity leave comes and goes all too quickly!!! Caring for your son during that leave is the most important thing you could’ve done. Everything else will still be there when you go back to work. You never get those days back with your little guy…enjoy each moment, as exhausting as they may be!

  2. Hi Laura!

    I’m your neighbour at the FMF linkup. I had some similar ideals for my first maternity leave too. I thought things would be organized and the kitchen would be flowing with yumminess and that each day would be sunshine and roses. Yep–didn’t happen! But keeping my baby alive was a big accomplishment in itself. The first year is about survival (forget the reality tv show). You made it. I hope your health is stronger now.

  3. Hi, I did the same thing. Although, my maternity leave stretched. I was able to write. I was out three years with complications from arthiritis and pain. Caring for my daughter gave me focus. Yes, I cared for my daughter, too. That is a big accomplishment just like caring for your son was. Nice meeting you today. 😉

  4. life goes by so quickly, doesn’t it! visiting from the fmf community! Love, Traci Michele

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