In paradise

I haven’t posted since April, not because I don’t have anything to write about – I’ve been learning to sew and have been trying my hand at the art of paper cutting and have continued to crochet (even if I haven’t been putting much time or effort in). I haven’t posted because I’ve thought about it and then put it to one side while I sit and watch Suits on Netflix or play 2048 for the gazillionth time. It’s a given now that when I am caring for Teddy, my time is his, and he is an awesome little dude, so no complaints there. I have a good couple of hours each day though, even if I get an early night, when I can create, read and write. It’s taken coming away for our honeymoon, without our little smile-factory, for me to feel like doing the things I love again, which is logical, as we have literally no demands on our time and are getting many many hours of undisturbed sleep, but it makes me a bit sad that I have let my life as a working mum delude me into thinking that lounging about watching rubbish telly (not you Suits, you’re great) is the way I need to relax once I’ve shut down the pc and we have put Teddy to bed.

I used to be very good at what Mickey Flannagan terms “proper f*** all”; I’m not sure at what point I changed, certainly not at the moment Teddy arrived, but I only realised today that I’m no longer great at it. Time spent lying in the sun listening to tunes on the iPod seems like a waste – I should add at this point that chatting with Darren, reading, eating, sleeping, drinking and swimming are all worthy ways to spend our time, but it’s the moments when we’re not doing any of that, that my brain is craving creativity – so far I have designed some amigarumi, sketched out some shapes found around Bangkok with paper cutting in mind and thought about what I’ll try to sew next. I’m now writing this post. I don’t write for blog views, or profit – I do it to be expressive; so although some would find it strange me writing this from my honeymoon, I think the fact I’m sat in a bar with an iced frappe, writing on my iPad, while Darren reads Dan Brown’s latest offering with a cold beer, should convey just how happy I am right now.

What do you think?

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