My 2014 Wish List

Every new year I start out with lofty aspirations about what I will achieve in the coming 12 months. This year, I started the year running around like a headless chicken finishing my wedding preparations and then enjoying my wedding weekend, so it’s only now, on January 8th that I’ve actually thought about my new years resolutions. There are not a lot of them, but they’re really important, so I’m going to try extra hard to stick to them.

1. Try to enjoy the present:

Our wedding day was immense. I loved it and it occured to me this morning that it might be because I was living totally in the present – I gave no thought to my return to work, or even to my hen do, which only happened last week, I simply enjoyed the day and what was happening at each point. Now I’m not crazy, I know we need to plan for the future, and memories are fun but this year, I’d love to have more days where all I do is enjoy it for what it is.

2. Reduce Online Time:

I would like to try not to check my phone or PC between 9:30pm and 8:30am. 9:30pm may seem late for some people as a cut off, but since Teddy only goes to bed at 8, I need some time to enjoy online endeavours. I have noticed that I could be doing more craft/cooking/baking if I weren’t on the laptop or my phone and I think Darren would also appreciate a little less Candy Crush.

3. Cook at least one meal a week:

This is as simple as it sounds – all I want to do is participate more in family mealtimes by being the cook at least once a week. Who knows, if I achieve this goal, I might even take more of the share!

4. Read to Teddy every day:

Good for Mummy-Teddy bonding, and for his development!

5. Run a 5K every month between March and October:

Running makes me a happier healthier person. Races give me goals but I doubt my knee will withstand more than 5K.

6. Finish my UFOs and use up my yarn stash:

From blankets, to pillows to amigurumi, I have a lot to be getting on with crochet-wise, so this year I’d like to finish one UFO per month, and I’d like to avoid purchasing any more yarn until I’ve worked through my stash.

7. Create a machine-knitted sweater

Because I own a knitting machine and this would make me more than a little bit happy!

8. Blog more

I’d love it if 2014 were the year my blog became cohesive, well-written, regular, and read!

What do you think?

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