Reflecting on our “Perfect” wedding day

Our wedding day was pretty perfect. It wasn’t the sort of thing you’d see in a glossy Wedding magazine, it rained, and the DJ ignored my play list and played my maid of honour’s worst ever tune, one of the usher’s most hated track and a song I really detest, yet, none of this mattered. We made sure the details we cared about were in place, and the only other thing that we were interested in happened naturally – everywhere we looked, people were smiling.

If I could pass on one piece of advice to anyone reading this that is planning a wedding, it would be this:
Invite the right guests and then plan the day for you. Do not attempt to suit everyone’s tastes.

Yes, ensure that your guests will be comfortable, and that they will be well fed and watered, but ultimately, they are coming to celebrate with you because they love, or (hopefully) at least like you! If you have invited the right people then they will want to experience your personality and will be happy to share the day with you, no matter whether you have a fancy £1000 wedding cake, or a simple Sainsbury’s celebration cake with a gingerbread house and a couple of penguins on top.

There were two things we did to make our day personal. The first was to try to include as many handmade elements as possible. I’ve already written about that, so in this post, I’m going to focus on the other thing we did – fitting our favourite music into our day.

1. The Bridal Entrance to the Ceremony

I walked in to an instrumental version of Heaven by Bryan Adams. We chose this because firstly, Darren is a massive Bryan Adams fan, and secondly because the lyrics are lovely and we felt that they fit nicely with the wedding vows we were about to make.

2. Ceremony Readings

My sister, Sarah read an adaptation of “Islands” by The XX. It’s one of my favourite songs, I love it’s atmosphere and the two different voices. I also love the lyrics, and  we felt they were very fitting. After spending my life travelling to different places and living in America for a bit, I found Darren right under my nose!

Our friend Abby read an adaptation of John Legend‘s “Stay With You”. We picked this because we both love John Legend and we listened to his album Get Lifted driving along route 1 from Key West to Miami as the sun set, which was most definitely one of the most romantic moments of my life so far. The lyrics to “Stay With You” were perfect for the ceremony in our eyes, since they echoed the vows we had made, and were a nod to the fact that we realise life is about dealing with ups and downs, and sticking together no matter what. 
Stay with You

3. The signing of the register

We were told to select four songs for the signing of the register, I can’t remember if they all got played, but we ordered them so that our favourite came first.

Queen – “You’re my best friend”

Darren is a massive fan, and I love their music too. We are each other’s best friend and this song has a lovely sound and sentiment.
You're My Best Friend

Owl City – “Fireflies”

This is another song chosen because we love it, and it reminds us of the road trips we took while I was living in the US.

Pulp – “Something Changed”

Jarvis Cocker is an absolute and utter legend and a lyrical genius – that is all!
Something Changed

Taylor Swift – “Mine”

Taylor Swift has played a major part in our road trips. We don’t think that the ceremony was long enough for this to be played.

4. Wedding Breakfast Background Music

This was put together in a rush, but I had asked Darren to add Robbie William’s Swing When You’re Winning Album to a playlist along with some Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and other songs from the same genre. Darren surprised me by also adding our favourites from John Legend’s Get Lifted too, which I’m not sure our guests (with one notable exception, David) noticed, at all – but it made us happy!

5. First Dance

This one was chosen 90% for the lyrics, 5% because I love the Beatles, and 5% because it’s just over 2 minutes long, and the less time we had to shuffle around in front of everyone the better. Seriously though, the lyrics are simple and perfect:

The Beatles – “In My Life”

In My Life

What do you think?

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