Weekend – November 8/9 2014

Saturday morning brought cuddles for my boys (love Teddy’s Bee Blanket!)



and baking for me. The rose cakes went a bit wrong – I learned that 3 medium eggs doesn’t equal 2 large eggs. They didn’t rise as well as usual, but they still tasted good, and the butter cream icing is so simple to make using the Kitchenaid. The Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes were made from a pack that had been in the cupboard for months. They were actually pretty nice – the icing tasted of nutella!


On Sunday, I was supposed to do a car boot sale, but the weather on Saturday was so atrocious that I decided it would be too much of a mud bath. On Sunday morning, I woke up and couldn’t believe the weather! Beautiful sun streaming through the windows. I opened a new pack of coffee beans, and the way they shone in the sun made them look just as good as they smelled!

The light in the kitchen made the coffee beans look almost as wonderful as they smelt


My iced latte was delicious and worked very well with my Maple and Pecan Danish. Poor Teddy seemed keen on my Pastry, but he stuck to his porridge.


Sunday morning pastry and iced latte


Sunday afternoon brought more baking, this time it was patterned sponge. It turned out to be a complete fail, hence no pictures of a finished result, but I loved trying to transform sponge mixture into vibrant colours



and Teddy didn’t seem to mind colouring in sat in the kitchen doorway – the highchair’s nice and clean again now!

First time Teddy has sat and drawn while we bake

What do you think?

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